Turn the Bloody TV down ! Hearing loss claims under workcover


Have you worked in a noisy environment? Do you need the tv or radio up loud? Have trouble hearing in a group setting or on the phone?

Industrial deafness comes on gradually, and our clients often don’t realise they have work-related hearing loss until their families start yelling at them to “turn the bloody tv down!!”

If you have suffered hearing loss at work, you may be entitled to lump sum compensation, and hearing aids if needed.

Danny Frigerio and Tanya Cowman are the leaders in industrial deafness claims in Victoria. They will help you with a workcover claim no win, no fee.

Call 5444 4969 or call in to our office at 163 Hargreaves Street,  for a no obligation consultation.

Your family will thank you for doing something about it!

You can also email us at info@frigeriolegal.com.au for expert Workcover and TAC advice, and if necessary, a first free consultation and potential no win no fee terms of engagement.


2019 - Our Year of Expansion into Regional Victoria

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