Private Investigators – Do I need to talk to them?

Many People seeking advice from Personal Injury Lawyers often ask – “Do I need to speak to a Private Investigator? I’ve been told that if I don’t my Workcover claim could be rejected”. The answer is simply No. You do not. There is no legal obligation to speak with a Workcover insurance investigator, despite what they tell you.

You may find that they are very obliging, will offer to come to your house to talk to you. This could result in you signing a statement, or even just making a statement, that can be used against you in determining and assessing your claim. The statement that you make could be put to other witnesses, insurance doctors or even your own doctors. A slight turn of phrase in your statement, that you might not be aware of, can have a hugely negative impact on your case.

Our experience at Frigerio Legal,  Accredited Personal Injury Experts in Bendigo, is that once you inform an investigator that you have had legal advice that you need not talk to them, they will generally leave you alone, and rightly so. If you have any cause for alarm about these issues, please contact us on (03) 5444 4969 for expert advice and if necessary, a first free consultation and potential no win no fee terms of engagement.


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