No win No Fee – What Does it Really Mean?

No win No Fee – What Does it Really Mean? This a very common question for personal injury lawyers who offer their services on a conditional basis.

Essentially, legal fees in many injury cases are comprised of professional fees for the lawyers time, skill and expertise, plus disbursements. These are the expenses the lawyer incurs, like court fees and medical report fees. Think of it a bit like parts and labour at the mechanic.

Under a no win no fee conditional agreement, the lawyer will not charge for his or her time unless the case wins, or settles. The disbursements may still be payable however, though some may be reimbursed by an insurer if there is an accepted workcover claim, for things like medical reports.  As a consequence of taking the risk with their time on the case, and the considerable amount of time it may take for the case to finish, the lawyer may seek to charge a larger amount for their time if the case does win or settle. This is called an uplift fee, and is allowable under the law.

At Frigerio Legal, Bendigo Personal Injury Lawyers can offer such agreements but also, to assist injured people avoid any uncertainty we also offer fixed fees for compensation claims like claims for hearing loss, impairment and some superannuation disability claims. Please contact us at any time to discuss any questions you may have about legal fees.

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