Car Accident Driving to work? What Do I Claim? TAC or Workcover

Have you ever wondered about your rights if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident on the way to work?

If you have not yet commenced working and are simply commuting to your regular place of employment, then you need to lodge a claim with the TAC. Many years ago there were ‘journey’ provisions in the Workcover legislation but these were removed by the Kennett government.

However, if you have started work at home by logging on to your emails, made phone calls, or driven to one job and then another, then there is a good argument that a Workcover claim should be lodged if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident.

If you are injured on the road whilst working then you will have a Workcover claim for wages, medical expenses and possibly impairment; and if the accident occurred because of another road user, a  potential common law claim for negligence against the TAC if you have a serious injury.

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