Specialising in Personal Injury law, Frigerio Legal is a family run Bendigo based law firm who provide advice & representation in all compensation matters.

We have a combined experience of 40 years in a large law firm, and are accredited experts. We seek to help injured people through the legal process with clear communication, transparent costs with a fixed fee structure, and provide support for our clients and their families every step of the way.

We offer a unique service of leading, expert advice without the big firm price tag and bill shock at the end of the case. We offer a first free consultation, and will only charge you for our time, if we win.  We offer a unique fixed fee contract for compensation claims, a first for Victorian law firms.

We are different in that we give you access to your expert lawyer, always. We give you answers, and we give you affordability.

Meet the Team



Danny is a fourth generation Bendigonian who graduated from Monash University in 2000. Danny was formerly a Principal with a major plaintiff law firm in Melbourne and then in the North East of Victoria for a total of 17 years. He became an Accredited Expert in Personal Injury Law in 2009 and has practiced exclusively in this jurisdiction for his entire career. He is highly experienced, having litigated in all Victorian Courts and Tribunals.

He has acted for thousands of injured Victorians and is a longstanding, proud supporter of the union movement.

In 2016 Danny was awarded the Regional Lawyer of the Year by the Law Institute of Victoria, and then Regional and Suburban Lawyer of the Year at the Australian law Awards.

For three years Danny was the President of the North East Law Association and has worked with and assisted many volunteer organisations. He has been a longstanding volunteer at Community Legal Centres, was a member of an Ethics Committee at Regional Hospital, and is a current trustee of Law Aid, a non profit charitable trust that provides monetary and litigation assistance to those in the public unable to afford to engage in litigation.

He is always committed to his clients and recognised as being a leader in providing access to justice in regional Victoria. He is a proven communicator who knows how to manage dealing with Melbourne based insurance companies and is passionate about fighting for the underdog when their back is up against the wall.


Tanya Cowman

Tanya Cowman

Tanya has over 20 years of experience in WorkCover and TAC claims at a national law firm. She is well recognised for her skill and knowledge in impairment claims and hearing loss claims, having trained lawyers in this area for many years. Tanya has co-written papers for LegalWise seminars presented to lawyers, sat on panels at Australian Plaintiff Lawyers Alliance conferences, and has been account manager to a national Audiological company, also presenting at that companies State Conference.

In 2005 Tanya completed her Bachelor of Commerce, with Distinction. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives (Victoria) and is currently completing her law degree.

She is community minded, volunteers regularly and has sat on the Board of a kindergarten cluster manager for 2 years.

Tanya is down to earth and approachable. She will help you understand each step of the process when fighting for compensation, without the legal jargon and spin.


About Costs

Paying lawyers fees is an enormous anxiety for people. Many lawyers don’t adequately explain how legal costs work and hope that the client doesn’t complain and simply pays the bill at the end. Frigerio Legal offers a uniquely different experience, offering fixed fee agreements on all compensation claims, including Work Cover and TAC impairment claims, dispute applications and Magistrates Court cases. We have the experience to predict the precise fees, and back ourselves by committing this to our clients in writing upon engagement. We offer no win no charge in most cases.

Our Services

We offer a first free consultation, with no obligation. During that time we will obtain instructions from you, provide you with advice and an explanation of your options and the costs and time frames involved. We believe that this is a vital step in managing your understanding of what lies ahead and the plan we map out to fight for your rights and entitlements. Once we are engaged as your lawyers, we will keep you informed of every step of your case.

At Frigerio Legal we understand the difficulty that people can have balancing family commitments, having medical treatment and living away from the larger towns. We are prepared to visit you in your home, at hospital or any place that is more convenient for you, at no extra charge. Please contact us to make the appropriate arrangements.

For many years Danny Frigerio has been involved in assisting and educating medical professionals, particularly GP’s and physiotherapists on how to navigate the Workcover and TAC schemes. If your medical practitioner is having trouble with your insurer, or the TAC, or other legal representatives, we are happy to assist them. One phone call is often all it takes for us to assist them to assist you. We are available to meet with medical clinics to provide information on the compensations schemes, payment issues and most commonly, on writing medical reports and attending court.

How we communicate –

Whatever works for you. We can accommodate emails, letters, phone calls, personal consultations, Skype and video conferencing, text message. We are not fussy old school traditionalists, we aim to use technology in the way it should be used – in a manner that makes life easier for you. We will discuss this with you at your first consultation. We use clear, easy to understand language and you will find us very friendly and professional.

Specialising In

Work Cover

Workcover covers you if you suffer an injury or illness that is related to your employment. The scheme includes cover for traumatic injuries, aggravation of pre- existing conditions, heart attacks and strokes, hearing loss and industrial diseases. It is an insurance scheme that can provide weekly payments, medical treatment costs and lump sum claims if you suffer a permanent impairment. Further, if you suffer a serious injury because of the negligence of your employer or another party, common law compensation for pain, suffering, and economic loss may be available. 

It is important to obtain advice early in Workcover cases. Decisions made early in the claim can affect the long term outcome of the case. It is also critical to get advice on any decision made by a workcover insurer as they can almost always be appealed.  We offer no win no charge and fixed fees on impairment claims and some claims that need to go to court.


The TAC is like a government insurance company that can provide compensation for people injured due to the use of a motor vehicle, including pedestrians, cyclists, passengers on trains and trams and buses. Similar to workcover, it can provide compensation for  wage loss, medical treatment costs, lump sum claims for permanent impairment and common law damages. Frigerio Legal can assist you with all of your queries about the TAC and can assist in lodging your initial claim.

We can  also help you arrange the appropriate rehabilitation and household modifications that may be required following an accident. Decisions made by the TAC can almost always be reviewed and we can offer no win no charge on these claims. We also offer fixed fees for your impairment claims so you know what you will have to pay if you succeed, at the start of your engagement with us.

Hearing Loss

If you’ve worked in a noisy environment for some time, you may be suffering from industrial deafness.

Many people don’t realise they have noise induced hearing loss as the problem usually comes on gradually. Commonly, people with industrial deafness require high volume on the tv and radio, have trouble hearing people on the telephone and find it hard to hear in group situations. They may also hear a buzzing or high pitched ringing sound in one or both ears.

If you believe you have hearing loss and you have worked in a noisy workplace, you may be able to obtain lump sum compensation as well as hearing aids if you require them, under WorkCover. We have extensive experience in industrial deafness claims in Victoria, having worked on the three leading cases in this area of law.

We will advise you about your rights, what is involved in making a claim and the amount of costs you may need to pay at the outset. We will work on a no win no fee basis in most cases, and will not charge you for our time unless you receive compensation for your hearing loss.

Superannuation Death and Disability Claims

Many people see their superannuation as a nest egg for their retirement. Superannuation policies also often have disability and income protection insurance. If a person is suffering a medical condition, that affects a persons ability to perform their usual occupation or hours they could work, then a claim may be made. The claim may be for a lump sum or wages.

These policies are notoriously difficult to understand. At Frigerio Legal we can assist in determining if a claim exists, advise on the process and assist you to get the compensation you are entitled to under the policy. We offer our assistance in these claims on a no win no fee basis, and offer a fixed fee arrangement to pursue your entitlements.

If you are receiving compensation benefits under a scheme like Workcover or the TAC, making a claim on your superannuation fund may have an adverse impact on you and accordingly it is very important you obtain legal advise as soon as possible.

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